WCM Sprint car conversion!!

ACE is starting a new project that will be documented through out the
build up..  We are building a new Big Block Modified that will use WCM
sprint car components..  ACE will be building a replica modified
chassis and aluminum modified body, you supply the components..  
The new car will use the front and rear axle set-ups and all connecting
rods and hardware will bolt right up making this an affordable
conversion kit and something different for the industry..

Along with this ACE is going to document this along the way to show
what we come up with,see how its built and to take comments and
suggestions along the way..  So check back soon!!
We started with a CAD design of the new modified based off pictures
and true dimensions of a real modified..We wanted the car to be as
real to scale as possible but also affordable to build up a new class
with spare parts off of an existing car.. So we chose a WCM sprint car
for the components and dimensions to work with.
Ordered in some tubing for the prototype car.  We are using chrome
molly for this car but we are looking at dom tube for the production
cars for cost and in this application dom is more than adequate for
the car..
We started bending up the new frame based off the CAD design and
a print out of chassis in 1:1 scale.  We build all the prototype cars off
of prints and then when we like the design and have done all the
testing we machine the production jigs and fixtures.  We machine all
the jigs on cnc equipment based on the cad design so the cars are
made to spec and when you (the customer) calls and need a
replacement part we know it will fit.
We had to design a new motor
plate for this car. WCM sprint car
is narrower than our production
cars so special tabs and
mounts had to be cnc cut for the
new project..SO from the
original cad design we pulled
the tabs out and uploaded them
into the plate cutter.
Chassis tacked together and a couple of shots showing some
detail of the frame.
We just finished welding the chassis up today 4-3-13 and will be
going to powder coat tomorrow.  The body will be laser cut from
aluminum and as with the chassis will be powder coated..  We will
have the car complete by end of next week.  The finish update will
be next week so please check back and also email or call with
some feed back on this project.